We love snakes.

...and are passionate about keeping healthy, happy, beautiful animals fit for re-homing. Our obsession with the experience each snake has in our care means dedicating time to handling & enrichment, resulting in snakes that are calm, curious, used to handling & seem to genuinely enjoy their interactions with people.

Our extremely limited breeding operation means that every hatchling is raised as a beloved family pet, easing the transition from our family to yours.


We accept reptile rescues from all over central Texas, and fully rehabilitate animals before selective re-homing. Animals ready for re-homing are healthy, family tame, & come with a lifetime of follow-up support.

Visit our Available Animals page to see snakes that are ready to go & be sure to visit our Instagram page to view more photos of each snake. If you aren't sure what's involved in taking care of a Ball Python, visit our Caring for Ball Pythons page.


If you're looking for a high-quality, precision-made enclosure for your reptile friend, visit our Custom Enclosures page for more information.

Fancy Rats

We also offer a small number of hand-raised, fancy pet rats, particularly the popular Dumbo & Rex varieties. Visit our Instagram pages to view current availability.

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